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John Lee Evans

A Message from Dr. Evans

I came onto the Board because I was dissatisfied with the state of public education in San Diego. In spite of being hit with the worst budget crisis in a generation, we have come a long way in the past eight years by keeping our priorities straight:

During these tough times we have worked together with our teachers and our test scores have steadily been going up. We are also excelling in music and the arts. We are a national leader in classroom technology. I am asking for your support to continue this work.

To continue with Vision 2020 for a world class school system it is imperative that we also elect Dr. Sharon Whitehurst-Payne in District E.  As an educator with 40 years of experience, she has been a great contributor to the Board in her first year as a Trustee.


John Lee Evans

Campaign Updates

San Diego Unified predicts record graduation rate

May 17, 2016

Class of 2016 on track to meet new standards.

San Diego School Board member John Lee Evans speaking to the crowd

Protect our schools: Yes on Prop 30

Speaking at Perkins Elementary with Governor Jerry Brown, Dr. Evans emphasized the need for all voters to support Proposition 30. Prop 30 protects critical funding to ensure quality schools in San Diego and throughout California.

President Evans has been leading the fight to properly fund our schools.  He commented that “our results at Perkins and across the district have proven that we have public schools that are worth investing in.”


November 6, 2012: Our hard work paid off and we have four more years to continue our reforms at San Diego Unified.